Sunday, November 21, 2010

P4 Continues with some disappointment for Mike

Today Mike informed me that he has gained 12 lbs back. He has been sneaking some extras and it finally caught up with him to realize he hasn't been good. Girl scout cookies, candy and too many other things. So today he went to the sauna, worked out a little, had a piece of string cheese (for the protein he says), and apple and lots of water. We will be doing a modified steak day with him eating the fore-mentioned. He is disappointed in himself and is determined to get back down to 245 before we start R2 on December 25 so that he can try to get down to the 220's. Of course, I have been mentioning all of this to him, each time he ate something. The problem is he just didn't stop and he kept thinking is was just one thing. But today he weighed in in the 250's. I don't remember the weight but it was probably 255 because he said he was 12 lbs up from his LDD. We will see how it goes and I hope tomorrow is a drop of couple of lbs for him. Thanksgiving comes up on Thursday so he wants to "be really good" until then.

As far as me, I am still within 2 lbs of my LDD. Today I weighed in 172.2, which is only .4 lbs higher than my LDD. I fluctuate between 170-172 depending on what I eat, and if I drink enough water. So I am fine. Of course, when I hit 169 I was excited but that didn't last too long. I wonder if that was because it was more than 2 lbs of my LDD and my body was controlling that. LOL. Anyhow, the steak day will be good for me too. I don't mind it and everything helps. :-)

I will post more tomorrow to see how Mike does. Cross your fingers. :-)

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