Sunday, November 28, 2010

P4 and Thanksgiving

Well, as most of us know, we eat too much at Thanksgiving and pay the price afterwards. Mike and I both gained weight. I gained 4.2 lbs and Mike gained more. I think he is up 7 lbs for the week. This holiday season is going to be tough for him because he loves his sweets. So I worry about him. Yesterday we guacamole, enchiladas and tacos at Cheesecake Factory. For dinner, I had a salad and Mike had a hamburger. Today I lost 1.4 lbs overnight so it seems I made the right choices but Mike gains .2 oz. As of today, I am still less than 2 lbs over my LDD (currently at 173.6) but Mike is way over. To many temptations for him. He sees the 25th as the next phase but I hope he doesn't gain it all back to lose it again. I know he is around 255 and his LDD was 243.8 so his 30 lb weight loss has been reduced to 15ish. Today is a steak day but we are both very hungry which is the transition from eating all the wrong food and trying to get back on. We have been going to the gym and working out as well as being in the sauna which has helped me. We will see how Mike does tomorrow.

I am actually getting frustrated that I got into the 169s and haven't been able to maintain it there but again am beginning to believe my body settled in the LDD range - at least that is what I am thinking so that it gives me an excuse. :-)

I am going to try to be in the 155-159 range when I finish the next round. That would be 15-20 lbs. I hope I make it and then my body settles into that range like it has now. After that round, then I can do something about my clothes which need to be taken in. I don't want to spend the money now. I am missing out on all the year end clothes sales also. I don't want to buy something that fits now and it now fit in 2 months so I think I don't have any choice but to wait. The end of January hopefully will mean there are still things around for me! Some of my clothes can be taken in but some can't so I will decide at the end of January.

This week will be a very busy week. I am still bringing my lunch so that helps things.

We will see how tomorrow goes with the weigh in! Anxiously waiting for the 25th!

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