Friday, December 31, 2010

R2 P2 D5 Yahoo!

Waiting for good things works. Today I weighed in at 168.6! Yahoo. Yesterday was 170.4 and I was bummed I didn't break into the 169s and today I am in the 168s!!! I am feeling great. So far this round I have lost another 5.4 lbs. All being more than a pound a day. I hope that I keep losing at least another pound a day because then I will be in the 150s by next Sunday - squeaking by but hopefully there. Have to lose 1 lb a day to get there! Only 8.7 lbs! I feel like I am obsessed this time with dropping more weight. I can't sit still. I feel like I have a ton of energy. I am doing light exercising whenever I can. For example, when I have something in the microwave for a couple of minutes, I do squats, leg lifts and use the spaghetti jars as weights to work my arms. All this in less than 3 minutes. If I do that a couple times a day, I hope it is helping to burn that fat off! We will see. Last time, I feel into losing .8 lbs a day and that was a bummer because those extra .2 lbs added up and I didn't get to break into the 160s the first time. This time, I am all geared to make sure I break into the 150s.

Mike had a yahoo moment today also. He lost 2.8 lbs and is now at 253.8. He gained .2 yesterday and he was not in a good mood. A headache woke him up in the middle of the morning. This was 3 days of headaches and we are trying to figure out whether is withdrawal from the carbs, etc. Hopefully this morning will be the last day. If not, I have told him to think about stopping his synthroid again. He did last time and lost the weight. He went back on it and gained weight back. So I am not convinced the synthroid is good for him. I will have to investigate it some more. And if he gets his weight down and his thyroid still shows it is underactive, I don't know if there is a reason to keep to keep taking it. We will see what the doctor says after this Round to see if he will agree. Of course, we haven't told the doc yet we have been doing this. Our annual physicals are in a couple of months and we will be surprising him with the weight loss on both of us.
Last night we had hamburgers and salad for dinner. Mike made one of the salad dressing from the recipe book and it was very good. Who would of thought that a salad dressing without oil would be good but it was.

Anyhow, all is good today. I am not hungry, not tired with no headaches.

For lunch we had bbq beef and radishes. For dinner, we had chicken fingers and cucumbers. Yum.

So all is well. Hopefully more than a pound loss tomorrow!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

R2 P2 D4

Today I lost another 1.4 lbs but just couldn't cross over into the 169's. 170.4!! Tomorrow hopefully I will be in the 169's. Mike actually gains .2 lbs and he is not happy. First he had to deal with an incredible headache yesterday - not sure if it was the diet or sinuses. He is not a happy camper this morning. I went back to my spreadsheet I have been keeping since R1 and looked back to see how much weight both of us have lost in R1 compared to R2. So far, I am on track and actually have lost .1 lbs more than R1 but Mike has not lost as much. I do know that he went of his synthroid the first time and he lost all of that weight but this time he is taking it. So I may talk to him about stopping it again. I know we were hoping that after R1 his thyroid would be level set but the blood test showed it wasn't so he was instructed by the doctor to continue it. I still don't think the synthroid is helping him because it allowed him to gain back 50% of the weight he lost in R1 and now he is not losing as quickly as he did - plus the headaches. Dr. S said to try to go off all medications which is what we did the first round so.... I will have to see if I can be convincing.

Another thing I forgot to add was that we are also taking 2 tbsps of Raw Apply Cider Vinegar every evening. This is supposedly a metabolic booster while you sleep. So far I have to agree and I wake up not being bloated. I took this off and on Phase 4 so I am not sure if that helped me keep the weight off. I know that Mike took some but not as much as me so I really can't claim to much victory..however, I will continue taking every day probably forever if it helps keep this weight off. As of today since July, I have lost 18 lbs. Mike has lost 14.8 but he was up as high as 27.6.

We had lemon chicken last night for dinner with a dry salad. We add spices to the salad so that is okay for me. Today, I need to make sure I drink that gallon of water. I didn't quite make it yesterday and woke up today dry mouthed. So, I have to get back into rhythm as I was on R1 and make sure I do everything I am supposed to do.

Anxiously waiting for 169 tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

R2 P2 D3

Another day in paradise. Overnight I lost 2.2 lbs weighing in at my R1 LDD at 171.8. Mike lost 3.6 lbs weighing in at 256.4. He is still 12.6 lbs higher than his R1 LDD. He lost 27.6 on R1 and by the time this is over he is hoping he will be over 50 lbs lost. That will be amazing especially for him. He has not stopped taking his synthroid this round. He will see how it goes but so far so good.
We went to the gym today for our last training sessions. We had 2 more so we thought we would use them now so we can try to burn a little more. The trainer took it easy on me because I just wanted a review session so that I can it more on my own. We both also went into the sauna for 15-20 minutes. It went well and I am feeling just fine. Mike must had it a little tougher because this afternoon he has a headache.He is not sure if it is his sinuses or because he did too much. I know he is trying really hard to lose as much weight as he can but I will need to watch him to make sure he isn't doing too much.

For lunch, we had bbq hamburg with radishes. I am not sure what we are having for dinner but I am sure it will be chicken. It is too bad that Mike doesn't like seafood because we both could do some great dishes if he did. Instead, I usually take shrimp to work for lunch so I can at least have my seafood fix.

As I am heating up my tea in the microwave, I am also doing squats, leg raises and using the jars of spaghetti as weights to work my arms. I know they say you should exercise but doing this 2-3 times a day should only help since I am not really raising my heart rate or running out of breath. I will now if I continue to lose a pound or more a day. In R1, we didn't exercise at all and this time, I just feel like I have to do something - even lightly.

We will see how the exercise and the sauna helped tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

R2 P2 D2

Today I woke up at 4 a.m. with a splitting headache. I took some advil and was successful in going back to sleep. Mike woke up later and he too had a headache and has had one all day. We both know it is the withdraw from all the fats/carbs we had over the weekend and just checked it off our list. Of course, I re-read this website just to make sure I was thinking clearly:

It was a great day for both of us. Overnight, I lost 5.4 lbs, which was what I gained after the Fat loading days. I am now back at my starting weight of 174. Mike lost 5.2 lbs but is still 2.2 lbs away from his starting weight of 257.8. He weighed in at 260 instead of 257.8. He is hoping by tomorrow he will be below the 257.8.
I looked back at our first round and saw we both lost that amount of weight after the first day on the LCD so we are in sync again with Round 1 and the weight loss. I also did some pre-planning to see where we would be if lost one pound a day. After 28 days, I will have exceeded my goal of 155 and be at 149 down a total of 39.4 lbs from when I first started this. Mike will be at 335 and down 36.4. His is not as much as mine because he gained some of the weight back. But that is at least motivator for both of us. I just don't know what I will look like at 149 but 155 is minimum for now! Since I can't remember me ever being at the weight, it will be interesting. We will see in 30 days -if we make it that long. Of course, 2 weeks before that is a big 80 birthday for my mom-in-law so we are looking to see what happens by that time and whether we take a break or just continue the drops and eat cautiously.

For lunch today, we have grilled chicken with salad. The chicken and salad had spices on it. For dinner we are having spaghetti-less meat sauce. We really like that before so I am looking forward to it tonight.

I haven't had much hunger pains and think I am doing better than the last time. Probably mind over matter but also we made sure we really ate a lot of fat this weekend. Last time we did a lot of carbs and fat -thinking the carbs were fatty enough. It wasn't but this time, ice cream, frosty's etc. yumm.

Another successful day.

Monday, December 27, 2010

R2 P2 D1

This weekend was our fat loading days. Over Christmas and the day after was great. Got to eat lots of fatty stuff and other things. As of this morning, I weighed 5.2 lbs more today and Mike gained 7 lbs. So today was our first LCD day. For lunch, we have bbq beef and celery. For dinner, we had basil chicken and tomatoes. All were good. Today wasn't too bad - as long as we stayed busy. :-) After eating everything for 2 days, I still have a "need" for more food and sweets. But we have started and that is good news. Hopefully tomorrow we will see lots of pounds drop off like we did last time!

We love the recipe book because it means you don't have to think too much!

Here is the link for the recipe book again:

More tomorrow!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Round 2 Begins Tomorrow

So we are starting Round 2 tomorrow. 2 fat loading days! First one will on Christmas Day! What a way to enjoy the holiday. The day after is our niece's birthday -so even more fat loading! Monday we start the LCD. We both are looking forward to it.

I have only gained 2.2 pounds since my LDD which was 171.8 and weighed in at 174. So if I am "allowed" to be 2 lbs above that it would be I guess I can say I am .2 oz above my LCD. I think that is great because I have been able to maintain the loss for the last couple of months. I am hoping to lose 15-20 more pounds and hopefully fall into the 150s permanently. I keep seeing my silhouette and thinking how good that weight loss will look. I remember years ago when I was down to that weight and really liked it but gained weight back because of lots of reasons. But since I have been able to keep the last weight off and still eat real food, I think I will be able to keep it off forever. Of course being 50 years old, we all know that weight gets added but this is my time to make sure it comes off and stays off. Crossing my fingers.

As far as Mike, he has gained back about 14 lbs and is not happy. The sad thing is that he gained most of that in the last couple of months when we were renovating our house..he couldn't leave or do much while he waited for the contractors, etc. So he is hoping for 30-40 lbs this round. This time he wants to stay on the LCD for 40 days instead of 20. Again crossing fingers. We are committed again to losing more weight.
I will try to be more diligent this time and write down each day what we eat, how we feel, and of course, how much we lose.

We won't be weighing in again until Monday morning- after fat loading days - so we will see the weight gain on Monday morning but hopefully one-two days later it will be off. I am working from home all next week so my first week will be a great time for transition!

Until next time!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

P4 Continues

So we both lost some weight after the steak day. I lost 1.4 overnight but the last three days I have lost 3.4 lbs. So I am back to .2 under my LDD. Mike lost 4.6 overnight but he is still between 10-12 over his LDD. He is frustrated because he says he hasn't been eating more so I wonder if he is gaining weight because he is not making his 1500 calories per day. Anyhow, we are counting down to 12/25 as our first fat day for Round 2. In the meantime, we will try not to gain any more weight and Mike hopes to lose more before the 25th so he can start from his LDD. That means 10-12 lbs lost in 3 weeks so that will be hard. AT least he hasn't gained all of his weight back so that is good. More later.