Sunday, January 30, 2011

HCG Platinum

Mike and I are not very happy right now after hearing the news about the recall of HCG Platinum. We recently stopped by the GNC just to see if they had the product and the manager told us that it was being recalled and has been pulled from their shelves.

In this article, Kevin Wright -who is on the pamphlet in the box -is quoted.

Kevin Wright, president of HCG Platinum, says his company made HCG products until about two months ago; it stopped because it found a formula that doesn't use the hormone. Some bottles of the HCG formula are still on store shelves, selling for about $70 an ounce.

So Mike and I started discussing this. On R2, we did not lose as much as we did on R1. When we started R2, the first thing I noticed was that the bottle color had changed from brown to blue. Then during R2, I had a harder time dealing with the diet. Because of this, we stopped R2 earlier than we had planned. I didn't have any issues with R1.

Now we understand that R2 was a waste because we didn't lose as much as we wanted and now we have gained that weight back. Fortunately, we have not gained any weight back from R1. So the product changed between R1 and R2 - and that was evident with the bottle color change..yet we didn't investigate it any further.

The original diet works, taking GNC HCG Platinum we thought was the best choice because of GNC. We are not happy about this and GNC. So much for their reputation! Now, I know that they probably got rooked also. Anyhow, I had to say something to all the followers that the new blue bottled HCG Platinum apparently is being pulled and being replaced with X30. But they are still selling the Platinum online (until it is gone because it is not being manufacturered anymore -supposedly.

Oh well, just had to vent. Good luck everyone!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

R2 P3 D3

We decided this week to stop this Round. We have reached a great weight. Losing 25 lbs for me and 35 pounds for Mike. We finally feel we are at a great weight and able to move forward without any more HCG. During the last 6 months, we have increased our exercising at the gym as well as overall. We are very happy.
We can't stop talking about the HCG and how great it has been. We still have some leftover so if we gain any weight we will be able to do another round. However, we feel we are there. That is incredible feeling. We both can't wait to see our doctor in the spring. He will be super surprised to see how much we hve lost since last year.

Yahoo. Several of our friends have also been on this HCG dieg and have been successful. We will continue to praise it.
I probably won't be updating this blog since we officially are done. We will see. For all of my followers, best of luck and good luck! You can't go wrong on this diet.

Monday, January 10, 2011

R2 P2 D14-15

The last two days have been downs and ups. Yesterday I weighed in at 164.2 and Mike weighed in at 240.2 I was hoping to cross over to the 163s today but I did not. In fact, I gained .6 lbs as did Mike. The only thing we changed yesterday was eating strawberries instead of Oranges. We made the change due to the FB HCGPlantinum page saying not to eat oranges every day. So we switched up. x Of course, we ate oranges all through Round 1 and didn't see any issues but we went with the suggestion on the FB page since it supposedly came from the HCGPlatinum expert. We ate oranges all through the R1 and didn't seem to have any problems. So we thought we would lose more if we made the change.

In addition to that change, we also ate Perdue's ready made chicken - natural, grilled. We didn't see any additives in it and it didn't show any sugar at all.

So we may two changes yesterday and we will see if just the strawberries are the difference tomorrow without the chicken. We will have to see if eating that chicken again will be an issue.

We will see if anything else changes tomorrow.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

R2 P2 D12-13

Well another Saturday weigh in. Mike continues to lose and is now at 243. That is great. Before we started R1, he was at 271.4 so this is a total loss of 28.4 lbs. I am now at 165.6 and my starting weight 188. for a total loss of 22.8 lbs. That is incredible amount of weight lose since August even though we took several months off in between. One month R1 (23 days) and now we are in P2 D13. We are both glad about that.

Both Mike and I gained some yesterday due to Melba toast. I should know better about eating a single serving of that! Everytime I gain. We had french onion soup with the melba toast and I had 2.5 pieces. I should have only had 1/2 of a piece! But it was so good and that was how much was recommended according to the diet book. So I have dropped the 1.4 lbs I gained plus .2 more. According to my forecast, I MAY finally be in the 150's and Mike in the 230's by Saturday.

Then we cheat that weekend for my mom's 80th birthday. We will see how that goes but hopefully we won't gain too much -only a couple of pounds. I hope we both are smart about what we eat. I will limit my carbs for sure.

Mike is having difficulty with this Round. More so than the first round. He is not sure he can go all the way through the rest of the month to D40. I am hoping we can do at least two more weeks. If the cheat days don't hurt too much, than we can see how it goes.

We are going to the sauna this morning so we hope that if we do that every day, that will also help us continue to lose more weight each day. We will see how much today's sauna impacts tomorrow's weight. It has helped in the past.

Will post more tomorrow.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

R2 P2 D11

Another pound gone. 165.8! Yahoo. 10.8 pounds to go for my original goal. I have been able to keep my .8 friend away from the party so that is great news. I hope he doesn't show up anytime soon. I get frustrated when it is at least not a full pound lost in the morning so having him stay away is great.

Mike also finally got back to his R1 LDD weight of 243.8. So it took him two weeks to get back to that. He is looking forward to being in the 230s next week.

We were hungry last night as I mentioned - Mike more than me. So I hope that it won't be staying around. During the day, I was fine but at night it seemed to catch up with me. This morning, my stomach is growling for food. I so want to reach out to the candy jars here at work and have just one little ity bitty M&M! But I won't!

Several of my friends who I have mentioned this diet to have also now started. It is fun to be part of a "club" now. We get to chat about things. I get to help them with their questions also because they are on their first round - that makes me feel good.

I still have to watch myself though because when I start talking about it - I can't stop! So I try not to get so excited about it that they get bored about my stories! LOL.

Looking forward to next week when I hope I finally get into the 150s!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

R2 P2 D10

I lost another 1.4 lbs today and am now at 166.4. Yahoo. Mike dropped also and is at 244.2 - only .4 lbs from his R1 LDD. So all in all everything is going great. Obviously I won't be in the 150's by Sunday but at least it is going in the right direction. :-)

We both are a little hungry tonight but we are holding on. Not sure why but probably still what I call habits. You sit in front of the TV and you want to munch on something. I really don't have a grumbling stomach but just feel like I could eat some ice cream or chocolate. I don't know how to explain it. Mike feels the same way.

We will be finishing two weeks this weekend. I am still excited about the weight loss. The 1.4 lbs gain early set me back but as I said yesterday, my depression is gone. LOL . I actually go to sleep hoping for another pound or more in the morning. I know, I am obsessed but I am goal oriented and I see that I have 11 more pounds to get there.

I also think about the next time we are seeing our family and surprising them with our weight loss. Can't wait for everyone to say "Wow". :-) That will be two weekends from now. During that weekend, we are going to do two cheat days. We have read that while we are "cheating" we shouldn't take our drops - so we will see. We just want to enjoy my mother-in-laws 80th birthday! So we will see how that goes and what we will gain. We will be making some smart choices I am sure but we will exceed our calories. Who can resist Emeril's Steakhouse! :-)

More tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

R2 P2 D9

Okay, I am out of my depression for today. I lost 1 lb overnight -but didn't lose that .4 additional pounds. I am hoping tomorrow will be good news. Mike, however, gained .2 lbs. He had more deli meat yesterday so I am curious as to whether that was what caused both of us to gain. I will not eat another piece of deli meat - that is for sure - and hopefully continue to lose along with Mike.

For lunch I had to go out for a business lunch so I ordered a Chicken Caesar salad with no parmesan cheese or croutons and dressing on the side. So basically I had a grilled piece of chicken and romaine lettuce.

For dinner, we had Beef tacos on romaine lettuce.

This round and the last round for fruit we have been doing apples and oranges. However, I read on FB HCG Platinum that you shouldn't be doing oranges every day. So we are confused because it was listed in one diet plan but the FB page says every other day. So we will probably use the oranges we have and then not buy any more. According to the FB site, apples and strawberries are what we are supposed to do. So we will see what happens.

I talked to another person about this diet, got the usual reaction of 500 calories!! In the end she will be reading this blog to find all the links to see if this is something she wants to do. I told her I was there for her and can point her to all the right places.

Off to the hot tub, hoping more weight loss tomorrow.

Monday, January 3, 2011

R2 P2 D8

Okay, now I am depressed and bummed out. Somehow overnight I gained 1.4 lbs back. So let's see, yesterday I eliminated the vitamins and the lotion and only added the deli meat but I also didn't do my lightweight exercising. So maybe I will not eat the deli meat again if that was the cause! We will see.
Last night we had spaghettiless meat sauce, one of my favorites. Mike made enough for my lunch today -but I forgot it! So I will have to go out and get something to eat because I have nothing here. I will have to look online for the vegetarian recipe/meal because I can't trust that any chicken or beef I get will be right. Steamed shrimp maybe with no oils added. I will have to see.
Mike did lose more weight more than a pound. So he is good -even after eating the deli meat! So at least he is on his way.
I am just depressed that first I only lost .2, then .8 and now gained. Wonder what is going on! I am at work again this week - worked from home last week - so maybe that will give me more exercise in the light sense that it. I hoping for a major loss tomorrow so that I will be back on track!
Way to start the week! Got a case of the Mondays!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

R2 P2 D7

My friend, the .8 loser, arrive again but I can at least say I am now weigh 167.8 so at least I am heading in the right direction. Overall in R2 I have lost 6.4 lbs in 6 days - so that still averages more than a lb a day. Total for R1 and R2 is 20.6. That is still great for me.

Mike lost another 1.2 lbs and now weights 247. Total for R2 is 10.8 lbs. Total for R1 and R2 is 21.8. This weight loss is really trying to get him back to to his R1 LDD of 243.8. So by the end of the week, he will be back or below that weight. He is still upset that he gained that weight back because this week may have meant he would have been in the 230s.

As far as me, I mentioned I was taking my vitamins. I was also using Jergens moisturizer this time. I know you are supposed to eliminate all oils from your diet but in R1, my skin became so dry I wasn't going to let that happen this time. So starting today, I will use the Jergens very other day and take my vitamins every other day. I will see if that helps.

In R1, I was losing .8 pounds a day and you get addicted to the more than one pound day loss. So I am bummed today that in the last two days, I have only lost 1 lb. My forecast says that if I only lose .8 lbs going forward, I won't break into the 150s a week from now. In fact, I will take me two more weeks. Argh! Oh well, I will try to "hang on". :-)

For dinner last night, we had the Italian Meatballs and salad with a dill dressing. Of course, this is all from the recipe book. Today we bought some turkey deli meat after reviewing all the ingredients and had that for lunch with celery.

I have noticed that I am slowing down my eating. I take my time chewing every bite. I think that this helps me feel full - and throughly enjoy my meal.

Mike is always hungry but he is committed to this round.

We will see if eliminating the lotion and vitamins today does anything for tomorrow!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

R2 P2 D6

First, here are some before and current pictures. I thought I could post them at the end of this blog but apparently not. Still trying to figure it out.

So let's start of with the great news. Mike dropped to 248. 2 dropping 5.6 lbs overnight for a total 0f 9.6 this round so far and a total of 23.2 since Round 1. He also had no headaches this morning! So all seems good for him.

I only lost .2 lbs today which bums me out but as of today I have lost a total of 5.6 for this round and 20 lbs since Round 1. Two things changed yesterday. 1 - we had melba toast. That helped Mike but may not have helped me. 2 - I started taking my vitamins again. I know there are some oils in there (especially the fish oil) but it is small so I would think it wouldn't matter. If I ate fish, I would get the oils also. So I am going to take them again today to see if it really impacts the loss. I will be drinking lots more also because in reality, a third thing didn't happen as far as doing the dirty. So, maybe, just maybe if I can get that functioning then tomorrow will be another bigger lost day. Of course based on this my goal of 159s by Sunday may be delayed.

I also posted a new review on the GNC HCG Platinum. It is incredible that those who are succeeding with the product give it 5 Stars but those those don't give it 1 Star. I have to tell my story again so that others don't get discouraged about at least giving it a try. This has been the best thing for Mike and I. Also, there is a HCG Platinum Facebook page. I will probably start posting. Apparently, if you post before and after pictures, you get a free bottle of the HCG Platinum. Too bad Mike and I didn't take those pictures. On the GNC review, I did post the before and after pictures but still waiting for my review to be posted. We will see. Of course, I did put in my blog address but needed to but it in not as url but a space between every dot. I hope others can follow along. I know a couple of followers here found it from my previous reviews.

Crossing fingers for more than one pound lost tomorrow so I can make 159s by Sunday .