Friday, July 30, 2010

P2 D3- D5

We are getting so excited about what we have seen so far. Here is our summary

P1 D1 188.4 271.4 (calculating this a my pre-weight before fat loading days)

Lorraine Mike
Weight/Daily Loss/Total Loss Weight/Daily Loss/Total Loss
P2 D1 193.6 274.4
P2 D2 188.4/-5.2 269.0/- 5.4
P2 D3 185.3/-3.1 /-3.1 264.4/- 4.6/7.0
P2 D4 184.0/-1.3/-4.4 262.2/-2.2/-9.2
P2 D5 181.4/-2.6/-7.0 260.8/-1.4/-10.6

I had to travel for the day for a business meeting yesterday. I called the restaurant and told them I was on a restricted diet and they accommodated me by steaming the unseasoned shrimp and provided it over salad greens. It obviously work since I lost 2.6 pounds from yesterday. I have several business meals next week and have arranged each meal with all the restaurants. They are so accommodating. I have asked for 4 oz raw meat (chicken, steak or shrimp) cooked without any oils or butters or seasoning (because we don't know if there is any sugar in them). They have all been accommodating. Of course 100 grams is a little less than 4 oz so I just won't eat the last bite.

Mike is a little hungry so we have added a little more food to his diet but obviously it hasn't matters with his 2+ pounds per day lost.

Tomorrow is measuring day so I know that the inches will have gone down because our clothes are already sliding on easier. Yahoo!


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