Monday, September 6, 2010

P3 D16-18

The last two days, my mom-in-law has been here for a short visit. This of course causes us to eat differently but mostly to treat her out at restaurants since she doesn't get out much.

On Friday we went to dinner at Damon's. Mom ordered spinach artichoke dip. I was scooping the dip and sucking it off the chip. I was not going to eat the chips! For dinner, I had chicken with crab with cheese. Mike had southwestern chicken without the chips. I gained .2 lbs! Mike gained .4 lbs. We thought that was okay - especially since Mike at the chips!
Saturday night, we cooked beef brisket and had salad. Nothing major. I lost .6 lbs overnight and Mike gained .4
Last night was The Grill where I had a salad, fish and steam vegetables. The salad had pears and candied walnuts but I ate them any way. Today, I weighed in .6 lbs heavier. So that was okay - I didn't gain 2 lbs over night!
Today we had nachos so we really crossed over the carb today! Tomorrow we will see.
So as of today, I am at 170.8 which is .6 below my LDD and Mike is at 244.2, which is .4 above his LDD. So all in all we are still doing well.

Tomorrow we will see how much we gained after the nachos! It was in indulgence but we will see how it affects our bodies and weight. Tonight is chicken and salad for dinner so we are still doing our low-carb thing - maybe to counter act our lunch!

One more week on the low-carb but we have started cheating already by adding a few things. Except for the nachos, we have been pretty good. Keeping the carb count below 20 mostly.

So until tomorrow! Cross your fingers it is not too much weight gain!!

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