Friday, September 3, 2010

P3 D11-15

Another week on P3. This week was more stable on the weight then the last week. We are eating pretty good also. As I mentioned in my last post, we found some low carb or zero carb bread products. I know the protocol says no starches but we have added them to our diets. It has helped us tremendously because we are satisfying our cravings. In addition, the products are adding bulk that helps fill us up. We are not over doing it so we are glad. I am now down .8 from my LDD and as of today weighed in at 170.6. I had wanted to get into the 160's by the end of P2 but didn't make it. Since my LDD weight was 171.8 and I am allowed 2 lbs below (or above). than that means I can get to 169.8 without any issues. Mike is .6 lbs lighter than his LDD. So all in all we are still rocking.

I forgot to mention we have been doing 2 tblspns of raw apple cidar vinegar. We had started that at the end of P2 and have tried to do it every day on P3. Not sure if it is helping but it sure isn't hurting.

I keep bragging about this diet to anyone who wants to hear about it. :-) We both are very pleased of course. My total loss as of today is 17.8 and Mike's is 28.2 in 38 days. You can't beat that!

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