Wednesday, September 29, 2010

P4 D13 plus

Another week has gone by and both Mike and I are doing great. We actually had pizza and ice cream this weekend and I weighed in at 167.4!! Lost two more lbs. Mike lost another pound also. I can't express how much our maintenance plan is working for us. We are eating restricted diet just watching what we eat and making sure we exercise. So all in all we are doing great. Of course, my next goal is the 150's so only 7.5 more pounds to go by the end of I will feel and look good on the St. Thomas' beaches!!

Another friend has just started the diet on Saturday and as of today lost a little over 7 pounds already. She is so excited! She sounds like me. I laugh with my friends about talking about this as if it was a new baby! LOL.

I had to clean out my closet this weekend because we are renovating and 3 bags of clothes are going to Goodwill. Some I have not worn over a year and some I just figured I won't wear again. Right now, my skirts are hanging (barely) on me and I have to make a decision of when to have them taken in. Certainly don't want to start with a brand new wardrobe - nor can I afford a brand new wardrobe. Plus the winter is coming and we all know between holidays and weather, that additional pounds get put back I am afraid of doing any thing with the wardrobe until I can see where I am.

Still rockin'!

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