Tuesday, September 21, 2010

P4 D11

Well, today was great news. I finally got into the 160's and weighed in at 169.2! Hopefully I will stay in the 160s. Mike also dropped more weight down to 243.4. He is now within the 2 lbs his LDD. So I am very excited that I finally got there. I know that we are supposed to stay within 2 pounds +/- of our LDD but watching what we eat and exercising is helping us lose some more weight. Now if I can only lose 9.3 more pounds before 10/30 so I can be in the 150's!
We both are going to the gym. Mike is bing a die hard and going every day this week (and maybe every day going forward). We will see. I am going almost every other day. I am hoping to get into great shape not only for St. Thomas but just because I want to.

I told Mike I have been doing something wrong ..last night at dinner I had a martini and lost weight...I need to have a martini every night so I can lose more weight. LOL.

More later!

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  1. Congratulations on making it to the 160's!!!