Sunday, September 12, 2010

P4 D2-3

So P4 will/is the test for real life. I have told Mike since day one that this is a permanent lifestyle change and we are moving forward with P4. As I mentioned last time, Mike had gained 5 lbs by P4 D1. However, the good news is that he lost that overnight and as of the morning of D2 he was at 244.6, which is still less than 2 lbs of his LDD. I lost 1 lb overnight so I was actually .6 oz less than the my LDD.

Feeling good, working hard and not planning for dinner properly, we finally had Papa John's pizza. Overnight, Mike and I both gained .8 ozs but we expected some since we ate the pizza. I have to tell you that I mentioned to Mike that the pizza just didn't taste the same. It just was not a "I got to have it" taste. I am sure that this is because we hadn't had any in 8 weeks but I also believe that my tastes have changed.

For breakfast, we both had omelets and bacon, which I couldn't finish. For lunch today, I had leftover steak and strawberries. Mike had the last 2 slices of the pizza. Tonight we are having spaghetti squash dinner which we have enjoyed in the past. It is a low carb dinner so we think it will be fine.

As for the lifestyle changes, we are still watching our carbs but now eating what we want. I think that weighing yourself every day helps you keep within the weight that you are at now and gives you the motivations to change what you eating if there is any abnormal gains.

Before this diet, I used to bring for lunch the frozen meals. Now that I see how many carbs there are in them, I won't buy them again. Instead, I will pack my lunch every day (with Mike being the cook for me thankfully!). I think that this not only saves money but provides me with better alternatives for lunch. At least once or twice a week, I go out for lunch so I can still make the right choices.

We both still haven't had our ice cream and right now, we are not really craving it. We both know that what we eat will affect our weight and neither of us want to gain it back so we will continue to do what is the right thing.

Mike will hear back from the doctor this week whether he will need to use his synthroid again. I hope he doesn't, that will be the biggest win. He hasn't used it for 8 weeks.

As far as body fat, I was at 33.4 but as of yesterday, I was at 29.9. That is great. Mike's however isn't going down, even though his clothes are getting too big for him. He started at 36.7 and was at 35.2 so some came off but not as much as me.

We also went to the gym yesterday and did pretty well. This was the first time I have been back so my legs got tired early on the bike. I was able to do the weight exercises for my arms and back but didn't push the weight because I wanted to be careful. Next time, I will push the weight up 5 lbs each time so that I can get back to where I was before - and go beyond. Mike, as always, does great at the machines and helps me get better.

So this week will be a great week so have the new bodies adjust to real life and real food. We are looking forward to staying at the weight we are through to January before we start another cycle. I want 10-15 more pounds and Mike wants at least another 20. As long as we keep that as our goal, I think we will be fine. Positive thinking!

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