Tuesday, September 7, 2010

P3 D19

Yahooo! Ididn't gain an ounce after eating the nachos and Mike may have gained a few ozs but all I know is that he said he didn't gain more than a lb. Of course for dinner, we had chicken paremsan (without pasta) and a salad. We also had our raw apple vinegar. I am convinced that this vinegar has some stablization or weight loss properties. I remember when I was on the LA Weight Loss diet tons of years of ago, the counselor told me to drink 2 cups of water with a lemon and that reduced bloatiness and help increase the metabolism. Since we have started the vinegar, I have noticed that the bloatiness reduces in the morning. Maybe it helps with metabolism but I don't care. As long as my mind is convinced it helps with the weight loss, I will continue with it.

Today will be an interesting day as I didn't pack my lunch. My boss usually comes to my office on Tuesdays and then we go to lunch. I am not sure now if he is coming or not. So I may just have to improvise at that the salad bar!

This week we will try really really hard to get to the gym. I have two events I want to get my body in shape for. November is St. Thomas and the December is Holiday Parties. I want to look my best then to show off my weight loss!

I keep running into people who want to hear more about my story. Now I just give them my blog address because it has all the links for the P&I, weblinks, etc that they will need. It makes it a lot easier than trying to explain it all to them.

I have heard back from some that GNC's product is pretty expensive $80 instead of finding something on the web for $20. I didn't trust anything on the web so I went for something that would guarantee a 30 day return. Now that we have done it once, we will see what we will use in January when we do another round. Time will tell. We are just hoping we don't gain any weight over the holidays. I know it is only September but the more we talk about it, the more we can prepare ourselves with the right foods and mentality.

Off to another work day!

So another work day done. For lunch, I had shrimp with a salad but I did have a biscuit. Tonight Mike made pizza with cauliflower dough. Came out very good. Hopefully tomorrow the biscuit and the nachos don't catch up with me! Wish me luck!

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