Thursday, December 30, 2010

R2 P2 D4

Today I lost another 1.4 lbs but just couldn't cross over into the 169's. 170.4!! Tomorrow hopefully I will be in the 169's. Mike actually gains .2 lbs and he is not happy. First he had to deal with an incredible headache yesterday - not sure if it was the diet or sinuses. He is not a happy camper this morning. I went back to my spreadsheet I have been keeping since R1 and looked back to see how much weight both of us have lost in R1 compared to R2. So far, I am on track and actually have lost .1 lbs more than R1 but Mike has not lost as much. I do know that he went of his synthroid the first time and he lost all of that weight but this time he is taking it. So I may talk to him about stopping it again. I know we were hoping that after R1 his thyroid would be level set but the blood test showed it wasn't so he was instructed by the doctor to continue it. I still don't think the synthroid is helping him because it allowed him to gain back 50% of the weight he lost in R1 and now he is not losing as quickly as he did - plus the headaches. Dr. S said to try to go off all medications which is what we did the first round so.... I will have to see if I can be convincing.

Another thing I forgot to add was that we are also taking 2 tbsps of Raw Apply Cider Vinegar every evening. This is supposedly a metabolic booster while you sleep. So far I have to agree and I wake up not being bloated. I took this off and on Phase 4 so I am not sure if that helped me keep the weight off. I know that Mike took some but not as much as me so I really can't claim to much victory..however, I will continue taking every day probably forever if it helps keep this weight off. As of today since July, I have lost 18 lbs. Mike has lost 14.8 but he was up as high as 27.6.

We had lemon chicken last night for dinner with a dry salad. We add spices to the salad so that is okay for me. Today, I need to make sure I drink that gallon of water. I didn't quite make it yesterday and woke up today dry mouthed. So, I have to get back into rhythm as I was on R1 and make sure I do everything I am supposed to do.

Anxiously waiting for 169 tomorrow!

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