Friday, December 24, 2010

Round 2 Begins Tomorrow

So we are starting Round 2 tomorrow. 2 fat loading days! First one will on Christmas Day! What a way to enjoy the holiday. The day after is our niece's birthday -so even more fat loading! Monday we start the LCD. We both are looking forward to it.

I have only gained 2.2 pounds since my LDD which was 171.8 and weighed in at 174. So if I am "allowed" to be 2 lbs above that it would be I guess I can say I am .2 oz above my LCD. I think that is great because I have been able to maintain the loss for the last couple of months. I am hoping to lose 15-20 more pounds and hopefully fall into the 150s permanently. I keep seeing my silhouette and thinking how good that weight loss will look. I remember years ago when I was down to that weight and really liked it but gained weight back because of lots of reasons. But since I have been able to keep the last weight off and still eat real food, I think I will be able to keep it off forever. Of course being 50 years old, we all know that weight gets added but this is my time to make sure it comes off and stays off. Crossing my fingers.

As far as Mike, he has gained back about 14 lbs and is not happy. The sad thing is that he gained most of that in the last couple of months when we were renovating our house..he couldn't leave or do much while he waited for the contractors, etc. So he is hoping for 30-40 lbs this round. This time he wants to stay on the LCD for 40 days instead of 20. Again crossing fingers. We are committed again to losing more weight.
I will try to be more diligent this time and write down each day what we eat, how we feel, and of course, how much we lose.

We won't be weighing in again until Monday morning- after fat loading days - so we will see the weight gain on Monday morning but hopefully one-two days later it will be off. I am working from home all next week so my first week will be a great time for transition!

Until next time!

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