Tuesday, December 28, 2010

R2 P2 D2

Today I woke up at 4 a.m. with a splitting headache. I took some advil and was successful in going back to sleep. Mike woke up later and he too had a headache and has had one all day. We both know it is the withdraw from all the fats/carbs we had over the weekend and just checked it off our list. Of course, I re-read this website just to make sure I was thinking clearly:

It was a great day for both of us. Overnight, I lost 5.4 lbs, which was what I gained after the Fat loading days. I am now back at my starting weight of 174. Mike lost 5.2 lbs but is still 2.2 lbs away from his starting weight of 257.8. He weighed in at 260 instead of 257.8. He is hoping by tomorrow he will be below the 257.8.
I looked back at our first round and saw we both lost that amount of weight after the first day on the LCD so we are in sync again with Round 1 and the weight loss. I also did some pre-planning to see where we would be if lost one pound a day. After 28 days, I will have exceeded my goal of 155 and be at 149 down a total of 39.4 lbs from when I first started this. Mike will be at 335 and down 36.4. His is not as much as mine because he gained some of the weight back. But that is at least motivator for both of us. I just don't know what I will look like at 149 but 155 is minimum for now! Since I can't remember me ever being at the weight, it will be interesting. We will see in 30 days -if we make it that long. Of course, 2 weeks before that is a big 80 birthday for my mom-in-law so we are looking to see what happens by that time and whether we take a break or just continue the drops and eat cautiously.

For lunch today, we have grilled chicken with salad. The chicken and salad had spices on it. For dinner we are having spaghetti-less meat sauce. We really like that before so I am looking forward to it tonight.

I haven't had much hunger pains and think I am doing better than the last time. Probably mind over matter but also we made sure we really ate a lot of fat this weekend. Last time we did a lot of carbs and fat -thinking the carbs were fatty enough. It wasn't but this time, ice cream, frosty's etc. yumm.

Another successful day.

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