Sunday, August 29, 2010

P3 D9-10

Today is a great day. After a week on P3, I am only .2 lbs higher than my LDD (last drop day) and Mike is equal to his LDD. We are excited that this is working so well. We did see some flucuation during the week and did have to do 2 steak days. On one occasion, I actually gained .8 lbs but Mike lost 1 lb. The 2nd time we did the steak day, I lost 2 lbs the next day and Mike lost 2.4 lbs 2 days afterwards. Then yesterday, I lost .2 and Mike lost another 2.4 lbs. We worked really hard yesterday in the yard. I had to stop several times because I was light headed but I know Mike worked really hard because he lost a lot of weight. We were drinking a lot of water.

To help with the dizziness, I am assuming I am in ketosis. Once time when I did the Atkins diet, I ended up feeling the same way and the carbs were just too low for my body. Mike has been having light headness off and on also. So we found some no net carb bread, and some low carb chips, tortilla pita bread, pizza crust and spaghetti. We have been eating that the later part of the week and haven't seen any gain in our weight (actually lost!).

So here is the link for the bread and spaghetti:
We ordered:
Dixie Diner Skinni Spaghetti Angel Hair Pasta = $7.32
HealthWise Bakery Flavor Rey Zero Net Carb Bread (perishable) = $6.99

The spaghetti is a little dry but some low-carb sauce and Parmesan helped. We just were glad to have some spaghetti. We haven't decided if we liked this over the spaghetti squash but we will continue with both to see.

On the chips, tortillas and pizza crust, we ordered from:
1 x Dixie Diners Low Carb Texas Toasters Pizza Flavored Chips = $6.99
2 x carLO CARBiano Low Carb Pizza Crust Garlic Basil 7" = $9.98
So, on Friday we had the pizza. I put it on my Pamper Chef pizza stone but it still wasn't firm. Overall it was good. We liked that as well as the cauliflower pizza dough - plus it was a lot easier to prepare. The chips have been good with the guacamole or nachos we have been making. Again a little chewy or soft when they are heated up. They break easy too when dipping so we spoon our guac on it.

All in all, we are enjoying the low carb. We are trying to keep our carbs very low - and according to Atkins, it should be below 20 grams a day. We definitely haven't gone that high. We still aren't sure what our total calories are mostly because we don't take the time to calculate them.

Also yesterday was our measuring day. We both are continuing to lose some. Not much now week to week but about .5 inches each. Total I have lost 13.5" and Mike has lost 15.75". Our clothes are now fitting either perfectly or a little loose.

This week will will try to get to the gym. We didn't over the weekend because of the work we were doing in the yard preparing for our master bedroom renovation. So we will try....hopefully at least 3 times this week.

So here is the summary post from our diet so far. I have summed it up for a weekly summary plus added the days I hadn't posted. Also is the P3 week one, where you can see how the weight goes up and down. Sometimes the steak day works but we are not disheartened by it because we both are now within the 2 lbs since the LDD. We are committed to make this work in the long run. We are now checking the labels all the time and making the right choices. Two more weeks on Phase 3 and then Phase 4. We plan on being alert to what we eat in that phase also. In November going to St. Thomas for our anniversary and want to show off our slimmer bodies!

Pre-Load 188.4
P1 D1 188.4
P2 D7 181.0
P2 D14 176.0
P2 D21 173.2
P2 D22 173.0
P2 D23 171.8 (last drop day)
P2 D24 171.4 (no drops)
P2 D25 171.4 (no drops)
P3 D1 171.0
P3 D2 173.0 (1.2 lb gain so not 2 lbs yet)
P3 D3 174.2 (steak day)
P3 D4 175.0 (no loss from the steak day)
P3 D5 173.6 (less than 2 lbs since LDD)
P3 D6 173.6
P3 D7 173.8 (steak day)
P3 D8 171.8 (yahoo! the steak day worked)
P3 D9 171.6
P3 D10 171.6

Pre-Load: 271.4
P1 D1 274.4
P2 D7 258.8
P2 D14 250.6
P2 D21 246.6
P2 D22 247.6
P2 D23 245.8 (last drop day)
P2 D24 243.8
P2 D25 243.8
P3 D1 243.6
P3 D2 244.6
P3 D3 246.6 (steak day)
P3 D4 245.6
P3 D5 247.4
P3 D6 247.0
P3 D7 248.0 (steak day)
P3 D8 247.8
P3 D9 246.2
P3 D10 243.8

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