Sunday, January 2, 2011

R2 P2 D7

My friend, the .8 loser, arrive again but I can at least say I am now weigh 167.8 so at least I am heading in the right direction. Overall in R2 I have lost 6.4 lbs in 6 days - so that still averages more than a lb a day. Total for R1 and R2 is 20.6. That is still great for me.

Mike lost another 1.2 lbs and now weights 247. Total for R2 is 10.8 lbs. Total for R1 and R2 is 21.8. This weight loss is really trying to get him back to to his R1 LDD of 243.8. So by the end of the week, he will be back or below that weight. He is still upset that he gained that weight back because this week may have meant he would have been in the 230s.

As far as me, I mentioned I was taking my vitamins. I was also using Jergens moisturizer this time. I know you are supposed to eliminate all oils from your diet but in R1, my skin became so dry I wasn't going to let that happen this time. So starting today, I will use the Jergens very other day and take my vitamins every other day. I will see if that helps.

In R1, I was losing .8 pounds a day and you get addicted to the more than one pound day loss. So I am bummed today that in the last two days, I have only lost 1 lb. My forecast says that if I only lose .8 lbs going forward, I won't break into the 150s a week from now. In fact, I will take me two more weeks. Argh! Oh well, I will try to "hang on". :-)

For dinner last night, we had the Italian Meatballs and salad with a dill dressing. Of course, this is all from the recipe book. Today we bought some turkey deli meat after reviewing all the ingredients and had that for lunch with celery.

I have noticed that I am slowing down my eating. I take my time chewing every bite. I think that this helps me feel full - and throughly enjoy my meal.

Mike is always hungry but he is committed to this round.

We will see if eliminating the lotion and vitamins today does anything for tomorrow!

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