Saturday, January 1, 2011

R2 P2 D6

First, here are some before and current pictures. I thought I could post them at the end of this blog but apparently not. Still trying to figure it out.

So let's start of with the great news. Mike dropped to 248. 2 dropping 5.6 lbs overnight for a total 0f 9.6 this round so far and a total of 23.2 since Round 1. He also had no headaches this morning! So all seems good for him.

I only lost .2 lbs today which bums me out but as of today I have lost a total of 5.6 for this round and 20 lbs since Round 1. Two things changed yesterday. 1 - we had melba toast. That helped Mike but may not have helped me. 2 - I started taking my vitamins again. I know there are some oils in there (especially the fish oil) but it is small so I would think it wouldn't matter. If I ate fish, I would get the oils also. So I am going to take them again today to see if it really impacts the loss. I will be drinking lots more also because in reality, a third thing didn't happen as far as doing the dirty. So, maybe, just maybe if I can get that functioning then tomorrow will be another bigger lost day. Of course based on this my goal of 159s by Sunday may be delayed.

I also posted a new review on the GNC HCG Platinum. It is incredible that those who are succeeding with the product give it 5 Stars but those those don't give it 1 Star. I have to tell my story again so that others don't get discouraged about at least giving it a try. This has been the best thing for Mike and I. Also, there is a HCG Platinum Facebook page. I will probably start posting. Apparently, if you post before and after pictures, you get a free bottle of the HCG Platinum. Too bad Mike and I didn't take those pictures. On the GNC review, I did post the before and after pictures but still waiting for my review to be posted. We will see. Of course, I did put in my blog address but needed to but it in not as url but a space between every dot. I hope others can follow along. I know a couple of followers here found it from my previous reviews.

Crossing fingers for more than one pound lost tomorrow so I can make 159s by Sunday .

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