Monday, January 3, 2011

R2 P2 D8

Okay, now I am depressed and bummed out. Somehow overnight I gained 1.4 lbs back. So let's see, yesterday I eliminated the vitamins and the lotion and only added the deli meat but I also didn't do my lightweight exercising. So maybe I will not eat the deli meat again if that was the cause! We will see.
Last night we had spaghettiless meat sauce, one of my favorites. Mike made enough for my lunch today -but I forgot it! So I will have to go out and get something to eat because I have nothing here. I will have to look online for the vegetarian recipe/meal because I can't trust that any chicken or beef I get will be right. Steamed shrimp maybe with no oils added. I will have to see.
Mike did lose more weight more than a pound. So he is good -even after eating the deli meat! So at least he is on his way.
I am just depressed that first I only lost .2, then .8 and now gained. Wonder what is going on! I am at work again this week - worked from home last week - so maybe that will give me more exercise in the light sense that it. I hoping for a major loss tomorrow so that I will be back on track!
Way to start the week! Got a case of the Mondays!!

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