Thursday, January 13, 2011

R2 P3 D3

We decided this week to stop this Round. We have reached a great weight. Losing 25 lbs for me and 35 pounds for Mike. We finally feel we are at a great weight and able to move forward without any more HCG. During the last 6 months, we have increased our exercising at the gym as well as overall. We are very happy.
We can't stop talking about the HCG and how great it has been. We still have some leftover so if we gain any weight we will be able to do another round. However, we feel we are there. That is incredible feeling. We both can't wait to see our doctor in the spring. He will be super surprised to see how much we hve lost since last year.

Yahoo. Several of our friends have also been on this HCG dieg and have been successful. We will continue to praise it.
I probably won't be updating this blog since we officially are done. We will see. For all of my followers, best of luck and good luck! You can't go wrong on this diet.


  1. Hi

    did you have to be on a specific food plan while on this diet?

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