Thursday, January 6, 2011

R2 P2 D11

Another pound gone. 165.8! Yahoo. 10.8 pounds to go for my original goal. I have been able to keep my .8 friend away from the party so that is great news. I hope he doesn't show up anytime soon. I get frustrated when it is at least not a full pound lost in the morning so having him stay away is great.

Mike also finally got back to his R1 LDD weight of 243.8. So it took him two weeks to get back to that. He is looking forward to being in the 230s next week.

We were hungry last night as I mentioned - Mike more than me. So I hope that it won't be staying around. During the day, I was fine but at night it seemed to catch up with me. This morning, my stomach is growling for food. I so want to reach out to the candy jars here at work and have just one little ity bitty M&M! But I won't!

Several of my friends who I have mentioned this diet to have also now started. It is fun to be part of a "club" now. We get to chat about things. I get to help them with their questions also because they are on their first round - that makes me feel good.

I still have to watch myself though because when I start talking about it - I can't stop! So I try not to get so excited about it that they get bored about my stories! LOL.

Looking forward to next week when I hope I finally get into the 150s!!

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