Friday, August 6, 2010

P2 D10-12

I am back from being away for 3 days at a business meeting and I lost 2.2 lbs! Yahoo. All the pre-planning and food selection with the restaurants paid off. Of course, I had to put up with lots of people helping me and cautioning me that it a 500 calorie diet was not good for me. Lots of advice. I just told them thank you. I will just prove them wrong when I sustain the weight loss forever!

BUT as of today, I have lost 10.2 pounds in 12 days averaging .9 lbs a day. 17-22 more pounds to go and I am hoping I will make that by the end of the month (P2 D36-37 maybe). That is 3 more weeks.

With the restaurants, I had plain no additives, grilled chicken, shrimp or steak. Of course, I asked for 4 oz at the steak restaurant and the came out with a 9 oz so I just cut off my portion and my boss ate the rest! I was going to order shrimp cocktail but they told me that was in pickling juice and spices so they had some raw shrimp that they just grilled. I have become aware of all of the additives that the restaurants put on food but found they are very accommodating -especially IF they think it has to do with allergies. Of course, I don't tell them that but can if I need to.

Mike is doing outstanding. As of today he has lost 17 pounds in 12 days -more than a pound a day. He was feeling a little bloated last night and did gain .2 lbs this morning. He had melba toast so I am wondering if that was the cause. If we eat melba by itself, it seems we both gain a little but if it is in our food, it doesn't seem to add any weight. I am watching when I eat because I am losing slower than Mike. I am so proud of Mike. His sweet tooth is the biggest issue as always and he usually only stays on a diet for about 2 weeks. So this next week will be a push.

Since I lost my first 10 pounds, I am going to go back on my vitamins. I have been feeling a little foggy (which is related to that time of life issues0 and I am hoping my vitamins will help clear that up. I looked at the ingredients and it has small amounts of oils in it so we will see. I am not taking my fish oil yet though. If I continue to lose weight while on the vitamins than that will be one more step in adding things back. I think I can start wearing my smaller clothes again and will try this weekend to make sure that on Monday I can put my suits back on instead of the stretchy stuff I had to buy in the interim.

Here is the summary so far

P1 D1 188.4
P2 D2 188.
P2 D3 185.3
P2 D4 184.0
P2 D5 181.4
P2 D6 181.8
P2 D7 181.0
P2 D8 180.8
P2 D9 179.8
P2 D10 -
P2 D11 -
P2 D12 177.6

P1 D1 271.0
P2 D2 269.0
P2 D3 264.4
P2 D4 262.2
P2 D5 260.8
P2 D6 260.2
P2 D7 258.8
P2 D8 258.2
P2 D9 256.4
P2 D10 254.6
P2 D11 254.8
P2 D12 254.4

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