Tuesday, August 3, 2010

P2 D8-9

The last couple of days have been crazy but today fulfilling. As of today, I am down 8.6 lbs and Mike is down 15.0. I finally broke into the 170's and Mike is in the 250's! Yahoo. Mike is doing outstanding. We both are doing extremely well. I will be in business meetings starting at noon today through Thursday afternoon. Have already called ahead at the restaurants we are eating to arrange for 4 oz raw chicken/steak cooked with no oils or fats. They have been very accommodating. I have a mini spice shaker in my purse to add flavor. Mike is exercising more than me and yesterday took a long slow bike ride. I am walking but want to do more if I had time.

So here is the summary:

P1 D1 188.4
P2 D1 193.6
P2 D2 188.4
P2 D3 185.3
P2 D4 184.0
P2 D5 181.4
P2 D6 181.8
P2 D7 181.0
P2 D8 180.8
P2 D9 179.9

P1 D1 271.4
P2 D1 274.4
P2 D2 269.0
P2 D3 264.4
P2 D4 262.2
P2 D5 260.8
P2 D6 260.2
P2 D7 258.8
P2 D8 258.2
P2 D9 256.4

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