Wednesday, August 18, 2010

P2 D23

Today I officially have lost 17 pounds! I dropped only .4 overnight (and I am blaming my boss for that since I had to eat lunch at restaurant LOL otherwise I may have lost more). I am now 1.5 pounds away from 169.9! I just want to get into the 16os.

Mike lost 2 lbs overnight but he skipped lunch so that is not right. He is thinking of skipping lunch again today so he can drop more weight.

We are no longer taking the GNC HCG Platinum drops so these next three days will be interesting as the HCG leaves our bodies. I hope we can wait until Saturday morning for our 1500 calories and don't start getting hungry these next couple of days. I have read that if we do we slowly add more calories - mostly from the recipes we have been using for Phase 2. Don't try to add any new ingredients until Saturday. So we will see how it goes. We are also supposedly going to continue to lose weight during these next 3 transition days. .5 a day will work for me!

Getting used to my clothes slipping on so nicely. Really like the feeling and am determined not to gain the weight back. Next week we can also start doing more exercising. Of course, we won't go full out yet. Just slowly start doing more than a 30 minute stroll every night.

Mike still hasn't taken any of his synthroid. He will schedule a blood test the 2nd week of Phase 4 to see how it looks. With things still settling down during Phase 3, it would be best to wait for him to be in maintenance mood. I would be so excited if the blood test comes back with no problems with the thyroid. That would be assume. Several on line have mentioned that had happened to them. Of course, several also who have done this no longer are Type II diabetic either but that must come from the weight lost. So hopefully both of our bodies are healthy and we can stay within this weight range.

Tomorrow weigh should be interesting as well as hunger. Wish us luck!


  1. Hi Lorraine - I am so proud of both of you! I've begun reading your blog that I found on the GNC website. Did Mike consult his doctor before stopping the Synthroid? I have been on Synthroid for over 25 years and don't know if I should remain on it or stop it. I've messaged my doctor and have had no response. I don't think she is up for me starting the HCG. Any other thoughts to share would be great!!


  2. Hi there,
    Sorry didn't respond sooner. Just returned from a week in St. Thomas and only gained a couple of pounds where are all gone now. Mike didn't talk to his doctor about the diet or going off synthroid. After reading many posts, he decided on going off since Dr. S said no drugs if you can. His blood test came back and Doc said he needs to take his synthroid again. Mike told them he hadn't been taking it so they want him to take it again and then take another blood test in December. We will see how it goes. You have to be comfortable but not taking it still allowed Mike to lose weight. Some have reported they don't need it while some have. If you have thyroid disease, then you may not want to go off of it. Good luck! I believe this is the best diet!