Friday, August 13, 2010

P2 D19

Today Mike is feeling better because he lost 1.2 lbs and now is at 249. I only lost .4 lbs. Not sure why I am not losing more than one lb a day and getting a little let down that my weight is not dropping as fast as one lb a day. I will hang in there though.

Today will be our apple day. We have two recommendations: one to eat only 6 apples and drink water in 24 from lunch to lunch. The other is to eat an apply every 3 hours during 24 hours with as little as water as possible. This is supposed to help straighten out any errors that has been going on and hopefully clean us both out.

I still don't know what to do to have a daily movement. We both are drinking our required (or more) water a day. Oh well, we will work on it.

So as of today Mike has lost 22.4 and I have lost 13.6. I so want to be close to 159/160 but it looks like I will only be at 168 which is 8-13 lbs higher than I wanted but that still will be 20 lbs; crossing my fingers that something major will happen by day 27 - 8 more days to go. That is when we will be taking a break and do the 3 week transition.

Off to start the apple diet. :-)


  1. From where did you purchase your HCG? I've read that the GNC Platinum is not as good as the original and that you can lose more weight on the original. Also, I want to offer a word of encouragement. Losing 20 pounds by working out and restricting diet would take about 6 months. If you can average one pound per day, and let's say you ONLY lose that 20lbs, feel blessed. Enjoy and be satisfied, then go back at it!

  2. I found your blog through your post on GNC. Congratulations on your progress! Are you also doing anything with potassium or B12? I really want to start this.

  3. Hi Candy and Colleen,
    I am purchasing the GNC Platinum at my local GNC store. I didn't know there was an original so I have been using the one in the store. It is working for both of us. I appreciate your comment, Candy, about losing 20 pounds in 6 months otherwise and it does put things in perspective. Colleen, I am not taking any other supplements. I tried taking my vitamins but didn't lose any weight while I was on them. I will be posting my latest blog now. Thanks for following.