Tuesday, August 17, 2010

P2 D22

Today was a great day for me on the weigh in - I lost 1.2 pounds! That, of course, made me mad because today is the last day of the drops and I want more to go away. However, my clothes are slidding on my and I am within 2 lbs of what I weighed this time last year. So I am back on track.

Mike lost 1.8 lbs which one pound was what he gained after eating the steak.

So far I have lost 16.8 and Mike has lost 25.6!!! He is so anxious to get to Saturday and we laugh about it. So hopefully tomorrow I drop into the 160s or at least by Saturday morning. The weight is supposed to continue even though the drops have stopped at least for the 3 more days we are on the 500 vlcd.

My boss made me go to lunch with him and I had to ask the restaurant to grill the salmon with nothing on it - no butters, etc. It actually came out pretty good. I didn't finish it all and tried to figure out what 4 oz would have been - half the size of my palm. So hopefully I don't gain weight but if I do, I told my boss I would blame him. LOL.

We have spaghetti less meat sauce for dinner. I love that recipe and requested at least once a week. It is quick to make and yummy.

So starting weight for me was 188.4 and I am now at 171.8. Mike's starting was 271.4 and he is now at 245.8. This stuff is working. We have also started taking 2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar, which we now wish we did the whole time - since it is supposed to help you lose more. But, we didn't pay attention to that until now and now I lose more weight! Oh boy and oh well.

More to come tomorrow.

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