Friday, August 20, 2010

P3 D1

Today we decides was going to be our Phase 3 Day 1 instead of tomorrow. We were just getting very hungry and felt that the HCG must of worked through our system so we are giving the low carb diet a try.

I lost .4 pounds and Mike stayed the same. So tomorrow we will see what happens. Today we had cheese omelettes and bacon for breakfast. For lunch we finished off the beef we had cooking a low calorie sloppy joe with romaine lettuce. For dinner we went the low carb way and created our own pizza which was made with cauliflower dough. We had found that before and decided to try it since we both were craving a pizza. AND the pizza was great. It is not very crisp except on the edges but it tasted like pizza. You don't even taste the cauliflower. Here is the where we got the recipe:

There are tons of places. Of course, everyone out there is trying to make the crust more firmer but I haven't found the answer. I did cook it on my pamper chef pizza stone and it came out okay. I too wish the crust was a little stiffer but overall it was worth it. Mike really loved it.
(We hope our weight doesn't go up tomorrow morning.)

So now, we are on a low carb diet with no starches or sugars. So we will see how it goes. We are both disappointed we didn't get to our goal weights but I lost 17.4 lbs and Mike lost 28 pounds so we are glad about that. So we will see how the next 3 weeks go. We will be going to gym starting next week also.

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