Friday, August 27, 2010

P3 D2-D8

I have been so swamped with work and have barely been able to weigh in every morning. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who takes care of my (our) food needs).

This has been our first week on the Phase 3. They warned us that our weight will be going up and down and they were right.

So last I posted we were on D1 of Phase 3, which is basically a low-carb diet. Some of the web sites have suggested we do Atkins Induction Stage but that is too restricted for us coming off the vlcd of 500 calories! So we did cauliflower pizza the first night and absolutely loved it. This past week we have been on a low-carb diet and still have not eaten any starches or sugars. We have had to do two steak days already but our weight is pretty much stabilized. When we began our P3 I was starting at 171 and Mike was at 243.6. We are supposed to, however, use our last drop day as the weight we are supposed to be 2 lbs around every day. So for me it would be 171.8 and Mike 245.8.

So anyhow, lunches and dinners have been low carb. We don't know how many calories we are eating but know we probably ate way to much the first day even with the cauliflower crust pizza which was on Friday, 8/20. By Sunday 8/22, we had to do a steak day! I lost 1.4 lbs over night and Mike lost 1 lb. We had another steak day last night and I lost 2 lbs and Mike only lost .2 lbs.

As far as foods, we are still using the HCG cookbook but adding some cheese to it and doubling the size of the meat. We also are using other low carb recipes. As of today, after losing the 2 lbs overnight, I am back to 171.8 which was my weight on the last day of my drops. Mike is at 247.8 which is 2 lbs higher than his last drops. The Steak days are not doing what they need to for Mike. We will have to discuss this and see if there is something else he wants to do. I know he wants to start exercising more and has ran once. I think we will go to the gym this weekend so that we can get back doing that. We won't start heavy just a long bike ride as well as light weights. We will see how to move his weight back down. He doesn't want to do 2 steak days in a row.

I am also back taking my vitamins and that is helping me a lot. Since they have a little oil in it, I figured I was safe taking them again.

Overall, I still brag about this diet. I still get shocked looks from people when I tell them 500 calories but then they can see that I have lost the 15+ pounds in 30 days. Mike has lost 23+ pounds. We both are happy. We are addicted to the fast weight loss though and want to do another round but the timing won't work out for us since we are going to St. Thomas at the beginning of November. We don't want to be on Phase 3 during that! So we will continue the low carb for the 2 weeks and then make the decision on what we will do with Phase 4. We have already found Bread that has a 0 net carbs. 7 grams Gram and 7 grams fiber. So we will see if try that anytime soon!

To all the followers, thanks for posting comments. If you are doing the diet, congratulations. I wish you all the success. If you are contemplating it, I will tell you it is not easy at first because you have to make all your meals. I did eat out at restaurants a couple of times but called ahead and planned my meals - which was mostly shrimp since that is always on the menu. Good luck to all! I will try to be more diligent in posting more.


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