Thursday, August 12, 2010

P2 D15-18

A lot has been going on with work and keeping us very busy. We are now at day 18 and discussing when we will be stopping this Phase. We so wanted pizza last night but talked ourselves out of it. We have fun talking about the fat food we want to eat; laugh and stay on the diet.

Mike is doing outstanding as of today he has lost 21 lbs. He gained 1.2 lbs overnight and we think it is because he went and drink two bottles of flavored drink. He was tired of water. Today he didn't have any so we will see tomorrow. He is getting anxious about losing more weight. Still 3o lbs more to go on his goal.

As far as me, today I didn't lose anything but have been averaging about .8 lbs a day. So far. 13.6 lbs and my old clothes are fitting me again so I am happy. I still want to lose 15-20 more lbs but we will see.

Because we both either gained or lost nothing, we are going on the apple diet tomorrow so that we can kick something into gear. We aren't going to the bathroom every day and we keep hearing we are supposed to. We are struggling in the department even though we are both drinking lots of water. Hopefully the apple day will work and we will be on our way for the next week and half.

So we have decided to stop between day 24-27. We will see where we are at that time to determine which day it will be. We just know we can't stay on for the 40 days maximum so we will take a break. Do Phase 3 for 3 weeks and maybe start another round.

I am really liking this diet because we are both losing the weight. Finally something that is working. We want to make sure none of it comes back so we agree this has been a lifestyle change and awareness.

So here are the totals day by day:
Here is the summary so far

P1 D1 188.4
P2 D2 188.
P2 D3 185.3
P2 D4 184.0
P2 D5 181.4
P2 D6 181.8
P2 D7 181.0
P2 D8 180.8
P2 D9 179.8
P2 D10 -
P2 D11 -
P2 D12 177.6
P2 D13 176.8
P2 D14 176.0
P2 D15 176.0
P2 D16 175.2
P2 D17 174.8
P2 D18 174.8

P1 D1 271.0
P2 D2 269.0
P2 D3 264.4
P2 D4 262.2
P2 D5 260.8
P2 D6 260.2
P2 D7 258.8
P2 D8 258.2
P2 D9 256.4
P2 D10 254.6
P2 D11 254.8
P2 D12 254.4
P2 D13 252.4
P2 D14 250.6
P2 D15 250.8
P2 D16 250.2
P2 D17 249.2
P2 D18 250.4


  1. Hi! My Hubby and I are getting ready to start the loading part you mind doing an update?!?! I have LOVED reading your progress, thank you for taking the time to do it!!!

  2. Hi Lyndee
    Sorry for not being on lately - work has consumed all my time. I am doing an update today!
    Thanks and good luck! It has been very successful for us.