Sunday, August 15, 2010

P2 D20

I thought I had saved my last post but don't see it so I will have to write it again.

Three weeks complete. Yahoo! In 21 days, I have crossed over the 15 lbs lost and lost 15.2 lbs and Mike has lost 24.8 lbs. We are very glad with the weight lost. We do get twisted up wanting to lose more -keeping in mind 30 days/30 lbs but it doesn't look like that will happen. Mike has lost more than a pound a day than me but he keeps claiming it is because he had more to lose.

Saturday was our apple day. We had hoped it would kick our system into gear and clear the backup but it didn't. We are not sure if was worth the effort to do it because we didn't lose a ton of weight - in fact I only lost .6; I was hoping for over 1 pound but I am trying to see the good side that I lost weight at all.

Saturday was also our measuring day. So far I have lost 12.75" and Mike has lost 15.25". I can now fit back into my 10/12 and can give my size 14 to goodwill. I will never be back in them.

We are thinking we may becoming immune to the HCG because our weight lost is reducing day to day. So we have decided to stop P2 on Day 26, meaning we stop the HCG on Day 23 so that we have 72 hours for the HCG to clear our system. We know we have to stay on the 500 vlcd for those three days. We are already planning for our cheese omelet on P3 D1! We are also starting to think ahead about what we can and cannot eat. 6 more days on the 500 vlcd. I am hoping to cross over into the 160s by then and Mike is hoping to cross into the 230s. IF I lose .8 lbs a day, I should be at 168.4 so that will be okay. I was hoping to get to 160 but being below 170 would be acceptable. Mike will have to lose at least 1.2 lbs a day to get into the 230s. So we are crossing our fingers.

I wish I could attached my spreadsheet that shows all the calculations including the inches lost but here is the summary so far:
P1 D1 188.4
P2 D2 188.
P2 D3 185.3
P2 D4 184.0
P2 D5 181.4
P2 D6 181.8
P2 D7 181.0
P2 D8 180.8
P2 D9 179.8
P2 D10 -
P2 D11 -
P2 D12 177.6
P2 D13 176.8
P2 D14 176.0
P2 D15 176.0
P2 D16 175.2
P2 D17 174.8
P2 D18 174.8
P2 D19 174.4
P2 D20 173.8
P2 D21 173.2

P1 D1 271.0
P2 D2 269.0
P2 D3 264.4
P2 D4 262.2
P2 D5 260.8
P2 D6 260.2
P2 D7 258.8
P2 D8 258.2
P2 D9 256.4
P2 D10 254.6
P2 D11 254.8
P2 D12 254.4
P2 D13 252.4
P2 D14 250.6
P2 D15 250.8
P2 D16 250.2
P2 D17 249.2
P2 D18 250.4
P2 D19 249.0
P2 D20 247.4
P2 D21 246.6

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